Reversing Diverticulitis & Diverticulosis Naturally Without Drugs & Surgery

John Rose shares how he eliminated ~80 Diverticula while he was on his 3rd Juice Feast and how eating the Wrong Food always plugged him up.

This story comes from Juice Feasting with John Rose in Houston 12-9-09…


Well, I’ve only had 2 Cleansing Reactions in the 903 Days I’ve done this and it happened on my 3rd Juice Feast. I was out of town, I was on Day 19, I’ll never forget it and it was a very minor Cleansing Reaction, I just felt a little nauseous for a few moments and then, I had a HUGE Movement, I had 24 ounces come out of me. 5 minutes later, I felt the same sensation and had exactly 24 more ounces. How did I know? Because I took my scale with me. (Audience laughs and gasps) Oh my God, he’s weighing his poop. (Laughter) And what came out of me during those times, I wish I was at home when I had this happen because I would have poured that into another bucket and I would have counted how many things I saw come out of me. I had about 80 Diverticula come out of me. A Diverticula is those little herniated blow outs that we get because we’re eating food that doesn’t have any fiber and that’s what causes Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis and medical experts say everybody over 50 or 40, whatever it is nowadays, has this in them. I had about 80. I estimated how many I saw come out of me. In just those 2 Movements alone, I had about 80.

Audience: I’m still not sure what that is.

It’s a herniated blow out on the side of the colon wall. Imagine putting too much air in a tire and it blows a bubble out of the side.

Audience: OK, so then, what comes out?

What came out was the fecal matter that went into that bubble.

Audience: So it’s sort of like formed like a little bubble or something?

It was like a Piece of a Puzzle coming out of me. That’s why I knew what it was because I saw pictures of what it looks like on the diagram. You got the colon and you got, like this is the colon, and you got a little blow out on the side of the wall. Well, that little thing that was inside there is old fecal matter. I knew what it was – it was like a Piece of a Puzzle coming out of me.

And what I found for myself is as long as I adhered to 100% Raw Food after I would do a Juice Feast, I won’t gain any weight. But then, when I ate Cooked Food, it plugged me up and I started gaining weight and that prompted me to do an Experiment I did about 14 or so years ago. I had a theory – I thought I knew what was going on and I did a 30 Day Experiment, which confirmed my theory. I figured out that the Cooked Food was going back and filling up the places that I had emptied and for 30 Days I took a step back for me at that time because I was about 99% Raw and I said, well, let’s see what happens if I’m 80% Raw. And I’m not guessing here – I’m going through the calculations – I know I’m right at 80%. I’m only eating 1 Cooked Meal a day and it’s something pretty innocent. I gained 17 pounds in the first 20 Days – I didn’t gain any weight from Day 21 to 30.

So what I thought would happen exactly happened. I filled my colon back up to where it was before I had emptied it. And I know that’s what happened because I lost those 17 pounds in no time flat. But this time when it came out, it wasn’t old and hard, it was relatively fresh. I knew what it was – it filled up those little pockets.

So do you gain weigh when you go back to Cooked Food?

It depends on the Condition of your Body.

Now because I’m getting real close to finishing my book, I conducted another Experiment. I had to do it because I had another belief that my system was healthy now and that wouldn’t happen again. So I did another 30 Day Experiment this year – you’re the first one to hear about it. I tried eating Cooked Food again. I didn’t gain any weight.

Audience: You didn’t get Sick?

Audience: So once you get cleaned, you’re saying…

Not so much clean. No, it’s not being clean – it’s being repaired. My colon was still compromised – it was Damaged. If we could take our colons out and set it side by side to what a health colon is supposed to look like, it wouldn’t even look like the same organ. It would be twisted and bent out of shape. It doesn’t even resemble what it’s supposed to look like. It’s not like you took a carburetor out of an old car and it still looks like the new carburetor.

So we Damage our System and it takes a while for them to go back to where they need to be.

This was a Big Motivator for me in the beginning to Not Eat Cooked Food because every time I ate it – it plugged me up. But now I know that it doesn’t always happen to everybody. It all depends on the type of Damage you’ve sustained.

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