Juice Along With Jason – The Classics: Turbo Charge Smoothie

Hello, my juicy friends and welcome to the second instalment of ‘Juice Along With Jason – THE CLASSICS’.

This recipe first appeared in my book, ‘Turbo Charge Your Life In 14 Days’ and then went on to make it into the original, and now infamous, 7-Day Juice Diet. The recipe also became well-known after Katie Price completed the plan, loved it and so raved about it in many magazines and newspapers at the time.

The 7-Day Juice Diet book is still, to this day, the only juice book to hit number 1 on Amazon of ALL books and stayed number 1 in its category for over ten years! As I look today, I see its still number 9 in its category, which is a miracle, especially as cookbooks and even baking books find themselves in the ‘Juicing & Blending’ category on Amazon!

This recipe is not like a meal replacement, it IS a meal replacement – and a belter of one at that. The ingredients can be found on yesterday’s video and, clearly, also in the video. This recipe is also a firm favourite at https://www.juicemasterretreats.com and over at https://www.juicemasterdelivered.com

It’s loaded with potassium, vitamin C and iron. It also has essential fats, amino acids and plenty of good carbohydrates. It’s one of the nicest tasting smoothies I have ever created and is a wonderful halfway house in terms of fruit and vegetable balance. If you can’t get your kids to eat veggies, with this bad boy, you’ll definitely get them to drink them!

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I’ll be filming some more cheeky recipes over the coming weekends, so if there are any faves you’d like to be included – let me know!

May The Juice Be With You,

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