Juice Along With Jason – Maca Mango Protein Super Blend

Juice Along With Jason – Lockdown Special Number 3!

Happy Sunday juicy people and here I am again, with another new and exclusive recipe for you to sample. Don’t forget to write in the comments what you think of it once you’ve made it and give it that all-important score out of 10. If it’s good enough, it may just make it into the new Juice ‘n’ Blend book I’m currently working on, as an added extra!

Yesterday’s ‘Triple A Protection’ blend got a mixed reception. Lots of you LOVED it, some weren’t too sure and a few of you struggled to source a couple of the ‘wild card’ ingredients (which is completely understandable given the circumstances). To those people, I would suggest making a note of the recipe so you’re ready to give it a whirl when you’re able to get everything.

Today’s tipple is the Maca Mango Protein Super Blend and I’ve definitely raised the nutritional game with this one. As always, check the bottom of yesterday’s video for the ingredients, or simply get watching this video.

Quite a few of you have been asking what blender I’ve been using. It’s the Juice Master Super Blend and it’s available on my website www.juicemaster.com. I don’t usually like to ‘plug’ when using my own products, but as the question has been asked, I thought I should give it a mention. I’ve also been asked if the Juice ‘n’ Blend plan is currently available anywhere and the answer to that is, yes! You can get all the juices/blends for the default 7-day plan, ready-made and delivered direct to your door from www.juicemasterdelivered.com

So far, we’ve been blasting out the blends, but get those juicers at the ready people, as tomorrow it’s all about the juice, juice, juice! It’s called the Mighty Green and you’ll need the following

🔸 Pear 1

🔸 Apple 1

🔸 Celery Sticks 2

🔸 Cucumber 1/2 (medium)

🔸 Kale 1 Handful

🔸 Fresh Fennel 1 Small Palmful

🔸 Ginger 1-inch

🔸 Lime 1 (peeled)

🔸 Ice 1 Small Handful

Thank you in advance for your feedback and see you tomorrow for some green goodness!

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Got any questions about Jason Vale smoothies or juice recipes? Feel free to ask us in the comments below!

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