Juice Along With Jason — Fruit & Nutcase Super Blend

Welcome to the penultimate video of the ‘Juice Along With Jason’ Lockdown Special mini- series. There are just two videos left and both are blends, so no need to clean the juicer! THANK YOU again for watching the videos, making the recipes and scoring them from 1-10. Anything that gets an 8 or above will be going in the new book, coming out in September.

So, for the penultimate time I ask you to:


Today’s recipe is the FRUIT & NUTCASE SUPER BLEND and it will come as no surprise it has fruits and nuts 🙂 Well, nut butters and nut milk to be more accurate rather than whole nuts themselves. As we’ve been doing throughout the series, please check the bottom of yesterday’s post for the ingredients (or just watch this video of course). Please let me know if you think it is indeed good enough to go in the book and thank you again for getting involved.

For the final video and final recipe of this lockdown special series, I have decided to do something rather special. Now I realise you should under sell and over deliver but just wait until tomorrow. Here’s what you will need for the………. CACOA, GOJI & PEANUT BUTTER SUPER BLEND…

🔵Frozen Banana 1 Large (or 2 small)
🔵Peanut Butter 1 Heaped Tsp
🔵Spinach (fresh or frozen) 1 Handful
🔵Goji Berries 1 Small Handful
🔵Cacao Powder 1 Tbsp
🔵Honey 1 Tsp
🔵Coconut Milk 300ml
🔵Ice 1 Small Handful

See you tomorrow for one hell of a taste sensation send off to the series!

For all of the machines I use in the videos, just nip to www.juicemaster.com (they are all on offer for during this lockdown time). Also, another reminder that if making juices isn’t for you but want the benefits of one of my juice plans delivered directly to your door, head over to www.juicemasterdelivered.com and they’ll have you covered. Sorry this service is currently only available in UK and Ireland, but we will be expanding once life returns to ‘normal’.

Discover more FREE juice recipes check out our website – https://www.juicemaster.com/recipes/juice-recipes/

Got any questions about Jason Vale smoothies or juice recipes? Feel free to ask us in the comments below!

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