Juice Along With Jason – Mint, Choc, Strawberry Chip Super Blend

Hi all, Jason here and welcome to some more of the ‘Juice Along With Jason Lockdown Specials’ mini series.

I am currently in Spain writing the new book and would like to know what you think of the recipes? I’d like you to watch the videos, make the recipes and mark them out of ten and add any comments you feel. The best of the best will make it in the book.

I have decided to kick things off with what I can only describe as one of the nicest and most satisfying blends I have had in over twenty years of doing this. I realise you may not feel the same, which is why I am asking for your thoughts too. If the majority say ‘YES PUT THIS BAD BOY IN THE BOOK JASE’ then it’s going in.

The book is my Juice & Blend 7 Day Reset and is due out in September. The plan already exists as an app, but I wanted to add even more value to the book. The plan is interchangeable, which is why any of the recipes I am adding in now may make it to your personal adjustment of the plan. There is of course a default plan that I feel works perfectly, but these added recipes will be there in case you want to mix things up or just to have more recipes for after you have done the plan.

On the app I have already added a ‘shake to shuffle’ feature. This is where if you don’t like some of the recipes you literally shake your phone and it automatically generates a new plan! The current Juice & Blend Plan plan is also now available at www.juicemasterdelivered.com if you really can’t be bothered with the shopping, juicing, blending, prepping and washing up!

Thank you for watching these lockdown specials and thank you in advance for your thoughts on whether they should make it in the book!

For tomorrow’s recipe, ‘The Triple A Super Blend’ you will need:

Acai powder
Aloe plant (the gel of or just some Aloe juice)
Almond Milk

Hope you can join me at 9am tomorrow morning for this little Blend Along With Jason recipe!
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