Juice Along With Jason — The Amber Nectar

Welcome to the final JUICE of this ‘Juice Along With Jason’ Lockdown Special series. Over the weekend I will be making two new blends, but in terms of juices for this series, this is the last one.

We literally millions of things to listen to and watch, I REALLY appreciate and am humbled by so many people not only watching these videos across the various platforms, but also making the recipes and rating them for me. If you’re just arriving to the juicy lockdown party, I am asking people to rate the blends and juices from 1-10, anything over an 8 goes in the new book that I am currently writing.

Today’s recipe is THE AMBER NECTAR and as the name would suggest, when it’s made it’s amber in colour and of course it’s all made with the nectar from nature, hence the name Amber Nectar 🙂

Please look back to the bottom of yesterday’s video for the ingredients (or just watch this video of course). Please let me know if you think it is indeed good enough to go in the book and thank you again for being part of this community.

To find out about the equipment I’ve been using in the various videos, just nip on over to my website www.juicemaster.com there’s some great offers on during this lockdown time.

Also, another reminder (just in case making juices isn’t quite for you for) you can get all of my plans delivered directly to your door from www.juicemasterdelivered.com. Sorry this service is currently only available in UK and Ireland, but we will be expanding once life returns to normal.

It’s the weekend tomorrow and I want to go out of these lockdown specials with a couple of pretty special Super Blends. The first recipe will be the FRUIT & NUTCASE & you’ll need the following ingredients:

🔵Mixed Berries (frozen preferably) 1 Handful
🔵Pineapple Chunks (fresh or frozen) 1 Handful
🔵Cashew & almond butter (or any nut butter you have) 1Tsp
🔵Coconut Milk 300ml
🔵Protein Powder 1 Tbsp

See you tomorrow from 9am!

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