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OK, let’s go to line 1 – Courtney

Caller: Hi, how are you doing?

Great Day, how’s yours?

Caller: I’m doing just fine. I have a multipart question.


Caller: But before I start, I’ve have to say something that’s very shocking and I know it’s probably going to cause some people to pass out – I don’t own a Juicer and I can’t, I’m struggling right now and I can’t afford a Juicer. So can you help me on that? Tell me what to do and I was wondering if you could go back over the Emotional Freedom Technique, re-give the Information about the Juice Fast with the Agave Nectar, tell the 3 different Ways of how to get 3 pounds of Greens a day and give an example of a Simple Natural Diet and I will hang up and let you talk.

OK, alright, the 1st Question – No Juicer. Well, you know, I don’t Juicer at all anymore. Does that automatically click off, Byron? Do I have to push it down? How do I click that off? Thank you sir. OK, as far as a Juicer, you know, once you get all cleaned out, there’s no need to be Juicing that much anymore. Like I said, I don’t ever Juice anymore, but to get where we need to be, we can use that Lemonade Drink that I was telling you about and that uses 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed Lemon or Lime Juice, 2 tablespoons, an equal amount, 2 tablespoons of the Agave Nectar Light and then, 1/10th a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper, which is about a dash. Get the hot stuff – 90,000 Heat Units and then, 10 ounces of Medium Warm Water. Women, y’all need to drink about 9 of those a day if that’s all you’re doing. Men, you need to drink about 12 of those a day if that’s all you’re doing and that’s for the average person. If you’re above average or you’re more active, you need to add more. Of course, I’d rather see you do Juices, but without a Juicer, you can still pull that off.

The Emotional Freedom Technique – it’s a great way of addressing the root of our problems by making sure that we don’t simple shift from one Addiction to the other. I’ve got some really interesting Files on my computer. I’ve taken some real good notes on this Technique. You can call me at 713-789-2223, if you’re interested in that File, I’ll be glad to email it out to you. Do a search on the Internet – I’m sure you’ll find it. The Manual is out there on the Internet, but if you get it through me, you have the benefit of me highlighting everything so you can speed read it very quickly and I have a Preview of it also.

Now as far as 3 Ways to Up the Greens in your Diet, one way would be of Juicing, but if you don’t have a Juicer, that’s not an option for you. The other is to make a nice big Salad. Another is if you have a blender, you can make Green Smoothies using 60% Fruit and 40% Veggies. You could throw, for example, 4 pears in a blender with a handful of Parsley. I also have a small section on recipes on Green Smoothies if you need help in that area – call me – 713-789-2223 – I’ll be glad to email that out to you also.

And as far as a Simple Natural Diet, basically, what we should be Eating is Food that is Not Altered and Food that we are Biologically Adapted to Eat – that limits those Foods to Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds. Ideally, they should all be Raw, they should all be Organic. Cooking is a HUGE Mistake we made such a long time ago, most people don’t even think of it as a Mistake. That whole concept is overwhelming. If it’s the first time you heard it, don’t let it overwhelm you simply keep adding more fresh Fruits and Vegetables to your Diet and pay attention to how you feel and you’ll notice that you’ll feel a lot better. That’s the one thing I noticed when I made 2 major dietary changes in my life. When I went to Living Foods instead of Dead Food, I noticed a huge difference right after I ate. I never had to wait hours to go back and do something. I was ready to go do it right away.

So I hope that answers the questions and let see, who’s been waiting the longest now? It looks like line 5. OK, good morning and who is this?

Caller: This is Prudence.

How are you doing?

Caller: I’m doing good, John, thank you very much and I really enjoyed your show today.

Thank you. 1:13:33 MM

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